Keys to a kingdom!


A quick fun sidechannel, posssibly crypto challenge by Krzysztof Kotowicz


  1. Remote kingdom posesses a secret. Every 2 seconds its king gives you a new key to crack
  2. If you can crack the key, enter the solution in the input field below and press the magical ENTER key
  3. Beware! Solutions expire, so you have only about 100 seconds to crack any key on average!
  4. Once in a while, you'll be getting expired solutions as a hint.
  5. Make the kingdom display you the generated secret
  6. Modern browsers only. Respect the iframe sandbox rules (i.e. no direct access to remote.html DOM) for browsers that don't support it.
  7. You can look at the source, copy the challenge to automate tasks, but no tampering with kingdom.html (e.g. Firebuging the computed secret/keys is a no-no).
  8. There's more than one way to skin a cat, so think outside the box.

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